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Our Sanctuary
  • Our Past and Our Future
  • Ascension Lutheran Church was founded in 1958. The present Sanctuary was built in 1983 and is the only church in Boynton Beach that is architecturally structured and designed in the round. This "centralized" shape harkens to the earliest days of Christian church design.

    The uniquely designed worship space reflects the colors of God's creation, especially those from the sea. Pews in pasture-green upholstery fan out, as beams of knotty, natural wood echo the spatial sensation above.

  • AltarCenter stage is the altar — a massive block of unadulterated coral retrieved from the ocean depths. Known as "coquille" in South Florida, the material of the altar evidences a myriad of nooks and crannies it bore in its marine setting. Note: this noble slab was not harvested from a living reef.
  • The Baptismal Font, with its driftwood design and Baptismal Fontnatural shell, continues the baptism theme of refreshing, life-giving waters through Jesus Christ. The font is surmounted with a South Sea giant clamshell as a receptacle.

    We believe God is calling us to become proactive in our ministry outreach to the community and immediate neighbors.

  • *Some of the above text is paraphrased from the Fall 2006 issue of Art & Culture magazine, pp. 58-61, which featured Ascension Lutheran Church.

Our Mission

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